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Entry #2

New Flash Project in a few hours.

2009-10-31 20:00:25 by ChaotixFaction

To any of you people that actually liked the animation that I made of Epic Fail Guy getting his ass kicked, I have a new project in the works that a friend of mine helped me out with a bit. However, its animation might be as bad, or worse, than that of Calamity Clifftop, due to a rush to finish it before 9:00 Pacific Standard Time. Because that's midnight on Newgrounds' timescale. And that would mean too late for Halloween should I finish any time later.

As a side note, Epic Fail Guy is NOT a major character in this "Halloween Special" thingamajig. He only appears in this video in the logo as a Vampire Pumpkin, and for about 10 seconds in the actual video.


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